Statute of Limitations for a Risperdal Lawsuit

If you or someone you love took Risperdal and suffered from severe side effects such as gynecomastia, you may be eligible to file a Risperdal lawsuit claim to seek compensation for your injuries. The attorneys at Bernstein Liebhard LLP are offering free, no-obligation case evaluations to those who suspect that their injuries or side effects are directly related to Risperdal.

Filing a Risperdal lawsuit could enable you or your loved ones to seek compensation for damages you incurred as the result of your gynecomastia diagnosis, including medical bills for procedures needed to remove the affected tissue if you were diagnosed with gynecomastia, lost wages, pain and suffering, psychological trauma and future medical care. For more information, please call the attorneys at Bernstein Liebhard LLP to receive a free Risperdal case evaluation.

Statute of Limitations for a Risperdal Lawsuit

If you were injured or developed gynecomastia while taking Risperdal, keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations, or a set amount of time in which you are eligible to file a claim seeking compensation. While each case must be filed within the statute of limitations, the exact amount of time will vary depending on the state in which the injury occurred. Unfortunately, if you fail to file your Risperdal lawsuit claim within this timeframe, you may lose your legal right to seek compensation for your condition forever.

Your attorney will be able to determine if you have time to file a claim. In some states, the clock begins to tick on the date of the injury or when you received your gynecomastia diagnosis. In other states, however, the statute of limitations begins when a victim first notices or realizes that he or she has sustained or suffered from an injury. In these cases, he or she may begin to notice lactation or painful or swelling breasts.

If you decide that Bernstein Liebhard LLP will handle your Risperdal lawsuit claim, our attorneys will investigate your case to determine if your claim falls within the statute of limitations. Should we find that you are, indeed, eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer, we will make sure to do so quickly and efficiently so as not to jeopardize your legal rights.

Process for Filing a Claim

You may be eligible to file a Risperdal claim if you took Risperdal, not a generic form, and experienced adverse side effects such as lactation, painful or swelling breasts or gynecomastia.

To file your Risperdal lawsuit, you will first be asked to sign a release so that your legal counsel may obtain access to your medical records. While our attorneys process your claim, begin documenting everything related to your injury or condition including any out-of-pocket expenses and days that you were unable to work.

Your lawyer will use this documentation as evidence when he or she goes to file your claim in court. While it could take an average of two years before your Risperdal lawsuit heads to trial, that time will allow both you and the defendant to prepare for court by obtaining evidence and organizing witnesses.

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If you would like more information about your case or taking the first step in filing your Risperdal lawsuit, the attorneys at Bernstein Liebhard LLP can provide you with a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Our highly-skilled legal staff represents plaintiffs across the country, and we are devoted to ensuring that each one of our clients understands this complex legal process. We know that you need to feel comfortable filing your claim so that you can make the best decision to fit the needs of you and your family. Bernstein Liebhard LLP works on a contingency-fee basis – you will not be required to pay any fees unless we make a recovery for you. To get started today and learn whether you still have time to file a Risperdal claim within the statute of limitations, call Bernstein Liebhard LLP at 1-855-511-1001.

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